One of the products that is a must in my daily makeup routine is the MAC – Pro Long Wear Paint Pot.  It can be applied on its own, and many people use it as a primer, but because of my oily lids I like to apply a primer beforehand and then the paint pot.  It can be applied with your finger or with a small eyeshadow brush, which is my personal preference at the moment because of my longer nails.  These paint pots can be used on their own or as a base, depending on the look you want to achieve.   The texture is deliciously creamy, long lasting, and best of all it doesn’t crease.  I love how long they last, just make sure to tightly close the jar after each use so they don’t dry out. There are a variety of beautifully pigmented shades, below are my favorites.


Painterly is a gorgeous matte, nude-beige color, with a pink undertone.  This is great to use as a base on your eyelid as it creates a clear canvas that is perfect for applying eyeshadow.  I like wearing it both ways on its own, or with shadow over-top.

Groundwork is a mid tone, neutral-taupe and works great for light to dark skin tones.  I have olive skin and this one works great as a base. I use groundwork and then apply my eyeshadow, liner, and mascara.

Indianwood is an antique metallic-bronze.  I love this color on its own. It’s great to use when I am in a rush and want to get out the door.   I will use a primer first and then apply Indianwood followed by liner, mascara, and I am ready to go!

Soft Ochre is a matte yellow-beige color that is great to use as a base.   This is a shade that I won’t use by itself, but is a great base for layering other shadows on top.  I like using this one more in the winter when I am not as tan.  People with fair skin will do better year round with this shade.


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