The matte lip has been and is still trending this season, and I love the look!


So, if you are like me and you can’t seem to click fast enough in the checkout section of Kylie cosmetics before the product is sold out after 30 seconds, then let me recommend you a product that is a lot easier to get your hands on.  Sure, you won’t be pulling out the Koko K lip-kit from your handbag, but hey, you will get a lot of use out of this matte lip!  The Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer is AMAZING.  It can be used on any cream lipstick of your choice and voilà, your lips turn MATTE!.  Apply your regular lipstick, then apply the gel using your finger until the matte look is achieved.


What I absolutely love about this product is the texture.  It’s so yummy and creamy.  I love the matte look, but I often find matte lipsticks to be incredibly drying on my lips.  For me, this product is a winner and I can use any cream based lipstick and turn it matte without my lips drying out!  What a wonderful product that allows me to get two distinct looks out of one regular lipstick.  Smashbox, you’re genius!


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