#FauxFilter Foundation Really Selfie Approved?

#FauxFilter Foundation Really Selfie Approved?

I must say Huda really outdid herself by giving us a foundation that hides all of skins imperfections. First of all, this foundation has been sold out in my shade Dulce De Leche, since she launched, clearly for a good reason. I went online and found her amazing brand match chart to figure out my color, by comparing her shades grouped by other popular colors in foundations to find my match. When I finally got my hands on this product from the first pump I noticed that the formula wasn’t runny which I love. I am never a big fan of watery foundations I prefer something a little more thick or milky. Even though, the foundation is advertised as matte, I still think it had a bit of dewy and brighter look which I also really like because this makes my skin look healthy and natural. The #Fauxfilter foundation also has an amazing smell to it even though for some it might be a little strong if you are sensitive to scents. One pump goes a long way. I am a fan of full coverage foundation and this one takes care of all the hyperpigmentation without it feeling too heavy on my skin. I must say Huda is more than a great social media influencer her beauty products really deliver amazing results. My foundation stay put all day, which I’m not sure at this point what the best part of this foundation is; the full coverage, long-wear, dewy finish, or the flawless filter it creates for my skin!


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    December 7, 2017 / 9:59 pm


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