New Year’s Hair Repair Resolution

New Year’s Hair Repair Resolution

My beauty New Year’s resolution is to restore the damage I have done to my hair from heat styling, coloring and processing my hair. I really hate the thought of not being able to style my hair everyday as I please…I rarely like to leave my hair natural out of the shower (even though I know I should). I would think it’s safe to say we are all styling and damaging our hair a little more throughout the holidays with our busy social calendars. My balayage colored hair has definitely been feeling dry with split ends. I recently stumbled upon Bumble and Bumble’s new hair repairing treatments.

I have used a lot of the popular oils but had never found one that I absolutely loved…they were either too heavy and would weigh my hair down, or make my hair look greasy. When I tried the Bumble and Bumble Save the Daytime Protective Repair Fluid, I absolutely loved it! Now I swear by this oil –  it’s lightweight and smells amazing while it works to repair split ends, protects from heat/UV damage and hydrates! I can say I automatically felt and saw a difference with just one use and now I can’t live without it. This product will seriously transform your dry hair!

I also decided to add a hair mask to my beauty regimen once a week and I’ve literally never taken the time to do any before. I chose a mask from the same line – While You Sleep Overnight Damage Repair Masque. It’s an overnight hair mask that has a great scent but for those of you who are sensitive to strong scents…smell this first before you buy it! This mask repairs damage and is great for those who have experienced breakage. I like to use the mask a little differently than directed…it says to apply the mask to dry hair, which requires a lot of product, so I prefer to dampen my hair slightly and then apply the mask. The product will dry which makes it easier to sleep with. The mask hydrated my hair perfectly without weighing it down and actually gave me good volume when it came time to style!

Overall, I prefer the oil to the mask because of the convenience factor, but both are great products. Since it is my New Year’s resolution, I will keep using both products as they both already have my hair feeling silky smooth and looking much healthier!


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