My Go-to Strip Lashes

My Go-to Strip Lashes

These are my absolute favorite brands and styles of lashes. These are not “natural” looking but will look amazing for your night out and will definitely take your casual look to another level. A good pair of lashes can make your eyes stand out and instantly give you a glamorous look. I can’t go out without my strip lashes…they completely change my face (in a good way) and look amazing in pictures! 


Huda Lashes


Faux mink lashes with three layers of synthetic fibers to give a stunning appearance of subtle drama to the eye. They are very durable and made to be used up to 15 times.


Lilly Lashes


These are 3D mink lashes that are so wispy and beautiful! You can even get up to 20-25 reusable wears out of them. They are so soft so you will not have to sacrifice comfort. Also promised to get you some compliments!



Lie Detector  

These silk lashes are the next best thing to mink lashes. They have volume in the center part of the invisible band, which is made to blend with your real lashes. These have a dramatic look to them so you don’t need a very dramatic eye look. They are made to be used up to 20 times!


Tatti Lashes

Mink TL5

Wispy, layered and very glamorous with volume all around! These lashes are guaranteed to have your eyes make a statement. These lashes are made from mink but are still affordable and can be used up to 20 times! Another favorite brand of makeup artists!


Eyelure Vegas Nay Lashes 

Bronze Beauty 

These lashes have a mink effect but are vegan and cruelty-free. The band is thick which makes it easy for application of the glue and the lashes come labeled right and left to minimize error. They are 3D with a lot of wispy layers and volume. Remember to take care of these lashes because they are reusable!


Red Cherry Lashes


A favorite of many makeup artists. They are made from 100% human hair and are comfortable and lightweight on your eye while still giving you some serious oomph! I love Red Cherry Lashes because they are affordable, reusable, and come in so many different styles.


Ardell Lashes

Double Up 204

These are the most affordable on the list and can be found at a local Walgreens. These lashes are long and dramatic all around with twice the amount of thickness from their regular lashes. They are also reusable and made from human hair.




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