Are you doing everything possible to keep your skin in check but are still breaking out?  Maybe you’re not diligent about washing your brushes weekly like me!  I wash mine every two weeks, but it is so important to keep those brushes clean!  Being lazy about it can cause so many problems with the skin!  Bacteria builds up in the brushes and can cause those annoying breakouts!

Brush Cleaning can be a chore but it is an imperative task in order to keep your skin healthy.  I’ve tried many different brush cleaners over the years! My absolute favorite is The Beauty Blender blendercleanser! It comes in two formulas: a liquid cleanser and a solid.  I personally like the solid better.  The solid is meant to be travel friendly but I like to use it at home too.  I love how easy it is to use and that it deeply cleanses my brushes.  All you need to do is wet your brushes and then rub the brushes over the soap and repeat as necessary – rinse the excess soap and leave them to dry.

Cleaning your brushes can be tedious, but make sure to make it part of your routine to keep your skin healthy and blemish free!




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