Will the Dyson Supersonic Blow-Dryer Really Blow You Away?

Will the Dyson Supersonic Blow-Dryer Really Blow You Away?

I have been using Drybar’s Bio Ionic blow-dryer for the longest time and had even bought their baby Butter-Cup for travel because I loved it so much. With time, I have noticed my hair becoming dry with lots of split ends. Now, I am not attributing my hair damage completely to the blow-dryer, because I also color and curl my hair ALL the time. With my hair feeling more damaged and fragile, I decided I needed to find an alternative. Since the super fancy, Dyson Supersonic hair-dryer promises to protect hair from heat damage and has created such a buzz since hitting the market, I decided I had to give it a try!

I have straight, thick hair, and a lot of it. Usually, if I want to give myself a really nice round-brushed look starting with wet hair, with using my regular dryer would take me a solid 40 minutes to achieve the look I want. The best part, so far that I have found about this hair-dryer is that it cuts my blow-drying time down in about half or less. What also amazes me is that this tool is so powerful, but yet less noisy than a regular hair-dryer! As promised, this fancy blow-dryer is much lighter than a regular one which is great because not only am I not using it as long, but my arm is getting less tired when it comes to styling.  Another thing I like about it is that there are no exposed blades, making it an amazing upgrade because your hair can’t get caught in the dryer. Has this ever happened to you? It’s super painful!

This dryer comes with three magnetic attachments- a smoothing nozzle, a styling nozzle, and a diffuser. One feature, that I love that Dyson added was a non-slip mat to place the hair dryer on, because this dryer is SO expensive it would be a heartache if it broke by falling on the ground. I would have to say, the downside to this hair-dryer is the price-tag, and that it gives me lots of little fly away hairs that I don’t get with a regular dryer.

Overall, time is money and my money is on this dryer because it saves me so much time when it comes to styling. If I was just drying my hair regularly without styling it, I’m not sure if I would give into the price. But because I like to precisely round brush my hair, I would say that this dryer is worth the hefty price tag. Also, besides it cutting the duration of drying time, resulting in less heat on my hair, I’m curious to see if in the long run, I would have less damage from styling my hair. I will say it does give my hair a nice shine after using it, but it’s just all those fly away hairs that makes it not quite the perfect 10 out of 10.





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