Jade Roller Secrets

Jade Roller Secrets

During a visit to my favorite Korean beauty store, I met a lovely older Korean woman who worked there and had the most flawless, tight skin I have ever seen. I immediately wanted to know ALL of her beauty secrets! I was really intrigued when she told me that she massaged her face with a jade roller, something I hadn’t incorporated into my beauty routine before! She told me she didn’t have a lot of money so she couldn’t buy into a lot of the fads, but one of the simplest things I could start doing is massaging my face. This was a news flash to me! As if buying the best creams, rotating them, using different products for day and night, wearing sunscreen religiously, getting facials, eating clean, taking supplements wasn’t enough! I was still missing something so important!  Lesson learned…there is always more one can be doing to delay the aging process. Interestingly enough, the jade roller is not a fad like one might think – it’s a traditional tool that has been around for centuries in China…even though it has just recently been making waves into our Instagram feed, department stores, and blogs. I had to try it in the hopes that I could age gracefully, just like the beautiful Korean woman.  

I ordered my jade roller online and I found a beautiful rose quartz by Herbivore Botanicals. The color was so pretty and I couldn’t wait to start massaging my face with it. Jade Rollers work on the lymphatic system to flush out toxins and increase blood flow and collagen production. I only do it once a day, but you could do it more morning and night. I really like using it at night after I have applied my serums and just use it to massage them into my face. It feels really nice because it’s cold and glides nicely over my face. I love that it naturally stays pretty cold because anything cold over the face helps to bring down any inflammation. If yours doesn’t feel cold you could even try putting it into the fridge. There is also a smaller roller on the opposite side and that is for rolling your eye area. I actually find myself using this side more frequently day and night to work on my dark circles and de-puff my eye area. Remember to be very gentle around your eyes – don’t pull on the skin. I also decided to roll my face 3 times over the same spot in an upward motion towards my hairline before moving on to the next area – it doesn’t take long, I promise. I have read that it is recommended that you spend one minute rolling each area of your face.  

To be honest, if you are someone looking for instant results, this tool is probably not a good fit for you. So far, I haven’t seen any immediate results or noticed any differences, but I think rolling is something that takes time to actually see results. I did, however, notice that when I was congested from allergies and feeling a little puffier, I could see more of a difference in my face because I am was literally rolling over the areas that get puffy and over my sinus areas with a cold stone. For now, I will hang on to my roller and keeping massaging my face until I find the fountain of youth!



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