How many of us need our cup of coffee in the morning to get our day going? Coffee is not just wonderful to get our day  going, but the coffee grounds are amazing for our skin as well!!

Now that winter is long gone behind us leaving our skin feeling dull and dry- a body exfoliation is the perfect solution to get all the dead cells off.I am very good about exfoliating my face.  I believe that the skin needs to be exfoliated in order to remove the dead cells – allowing your serums and creams to penetrate and work their best.  On the other hand, I tend to neglect the other 90% of my skin, my body!

I’ve learned that exfoliation should be an important part of your beauty routine – the coffee body scrub that I have been using is very easy to make, and I bet you have all of the ingredients in your home.  This body scrub is not only great at exfoliating and removing the dead cells, but also is great for diminishing cellulite.  Now that summer is around the corner, we need are bodies and skin to be in tip top shape!

Recipe as follows –

1 cup of ground coffee

¼ cup of Epsom salt

2 teaspoons of coconut oil

Add all ingredients together, and mix well, scrub should be coarse and more on the dry side.  Place in a sealed tight jar and keep in the shower.  If you want added benefits use a brush in the areas where you have cellulite. I like to exfoliate on a weekly basis, but you can do it as often as you think necessary especially if you are trying to get rid of the cellulite then try to be more consistent.

Ground coffee – any ground coffee is great, I personally bought an inexpensive one from the supermarket. Interestingly, when coffee is applied topically it helps reduce cellulite yet when it is ingested it makes cellulite worse.

Epsom Salt – this salt contains magnesium that helps with inflammation and removes toxins from the body, making it great for a scrub.

Coconut Oil – this beloved kitchen and beauty staple is a great antifungal and antibacterial moisturizer.



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