Don’t Despair- Snooze and Repair your Hair

Don’t Despair- Snooze and Repair your Hair

I can’t begin to tell you guys how excited I was to try out a hair sheet mask. It’s a similar concept to the one the Korean’s brought us for the face – and I love the face sheet masks in every different sent and fruit combination that they come in. This is a newer concept so there aren’t as many different brands out there like we see with the face sheet masks. I decided to go with my trusted Sephora brand hair sheet mask that only costs $5!!! Sephora brand already has quite a few choices from acai for protecting color, rose for smoothing and preventing frizz, shea for preventing breakage, and coconut made to nourish. This all sounds amazing right? But the big question is how are these hair masks designed and will it work as well as my beloved face sheet masks?

I started by putting the hair mask on dirty hair when I knew I was going to be washing my hair immediately after. The package is designed into two sections. One section is the cream – the Sephora brand gives a very generous amount of product – and the other part of the hair mask is an adorable shower cap. I put the cream all over my ends of my hair and work it into my scalp. After, I put my hair into a pony and place the shower cap over my hair. It is recommended to sleep with the product in your hair and don’t worry, the shower cap is woven, not plastic, so it’s not terrible to sleep in and you can reuse the shower cap. You can also just leave the product on for a couple of hours and get fabulous results as well.

My hair feels extremely soft and silky days after using this hair mask. I have also tried the hair sheet masks that are actually sheets – just like the face sheet masks – and this shower cap method just seems more efficient and sustainable. The sheet masks smell amazing and don’t weigh my hair down, but make sure to fully rinse your hair out after using a hair mask. The great thing about these is that they are very affordable compared to other hair masks and you can try many different types for whatever hair concern you are having! They are good, not great, but I figure if I keep doing at least one a week, it will pay off for my hair in the long-run and they’re so much fun to use!



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