I believe that the secret to maintaining a healthy and glowing complexion is a combination of different factors:  eating well, a great skin regime, and professional treatments.  Last month, I tried LED (Light Emitting Diode) Therapy for the very first time.  LED therapy promises to increase collagen production (yes please! Sign me up) and kill acne-causing bacteria on your skin.


LED therapy was actually developed by NASA. They found that under a certain wavelength of light, plants were growing faster. When they saw what is was doing to the plants, this is when they decided to try it on the skin. Fast forward in time, it is now used as a great anti-aging tool.  LED therapy works on your skin through different lights depending on what you want your outcome to be. Typically, there are three lights: blue, red, and white. Blue light kills the bacteria in your skin, consequently helping with acne. Blue light is great for problematic skin. The red light helps stimulate collagen production resulting in the tightening of the skin. The red light also reduces inflammation and helps with rosacea.  Finally, the white light tightens skin and reduces inflammation.


I got my treatment done after a dermaplaning facial.  It was super relaxing, all I saw in the beginning was a super bright light – the light won’t damage your eyes, but it is best to relax and keep your eyes closed. I love that the LED therapy can be added to any other service.  LED therapy sends the light waves deep into the skin.  The great thing about LED is that it doesn’t burn, heat, or peel the skin. There is absolutely no damage to the skin and it is completely painless with zero downtime.  As with everything, consistency is key.  I will definitely keep adding this service with my other treatments.



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