The Queen of Green

The Queen of Green

If you guys have been reading my posts lately, you know that I have been obsessing over the acne that took over my face these past 4+ months. I discovered this face wash after my skin had cleared up about 90%, which I really believe was in large part due to the vitamins I’ve been taking (Buh-Bye Ance). I still had a little way to go and was feeling paranoid about that acne coming back to haunt me so I wanted to try something else new!

Deep into my internet search of new and popular face washes and after experimenting with some “top-rated” washes for acne, I stumbled upon the queen of green products: Tata Harper.  About a month ago, she released a Clarifying Cleanser for adult acne. I mean the name said it all, I was sold immediately because she consistently delivers amazing products with serious results.   Let me start by saying – I can’t believe I have been living without this product…I am seriously obsessed. The moment I put it on my face it tingled and refreshed my skin and I could feel it working to fight my impurities. It smells fresh and like green herbs but in an amazing way. The Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser foams nicely and leaves my skin feeling so clean. It’s a little different than other face washes because Tata recommends this product to be used on dry skin. I remove my makeup with a makeup wipe and once my skin dries, I wash my face with this Clarifying Cleanser.

 In only a few days of using the product I could see an immediate difference in my skin. I have noticed results of smoother, more even, and glowing skin. My favorite part is that I can feel the facewash working as soon as a little water touches my face. The products are so fresh that each is marked with a batch number and you can physically go onto her website, type the number on your bottle and you can see exactly when it was made. It’s such a nice and personal touch. I love the way my face is looking right now and look forward to taking off my makeup because of this powerful product. Thank you, Tata!!



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