It is no secret that Japanese women are widely known for their impeccably flawless skin and devotion to beauty in all of its forms. A geisha’s daily regimen is extremely detail-oriented, using natural time-tested ingredients and continues to be one of the most beneficial on the planet. Geisha’s take great pride in their health, which is clearly a reflection of their perfect skin, as well as their belief in the importance of beauty starting from within. These women CLEARLY know a thing or two about beauty and I decided it was time to dive deeper and find out how I could get my hands on the geisha beauty secret!

The beauty world continues to rave about their cult favorite skincare line, TATCHA. After doing my usual skincare research and reading countless reviews, I decided it was FINALLY (yes, FINALLY) time to head to Sephora and take the $68 plunge to try out the most raved about skin quenching product: TATCHA The Water Cream.

What the heck is TATCHA, anyway?!

Victoria Tsai, the founder and CEO of TATCHA, had suffered from acute dermatitis for years. (OUCH!) In 2009 she took a trip to Kyoto, Japan where she met a modern-day geisha that ended up sharing her 200-year old skin care ritual with Victoria. Victoria took a chance and within months of adopting the geisha’s ancient beauty ritual, her skin was healed and forever changed for the better… and TA-DA- That is how Victoria Tsai’s TATCHA skincare line was born.

What did TATCHA The Water Cream do for me?

It has been a real struggle trying to find the “perfect” moisturizer for my finicky, combination skin. This has been a major challenge trying to find a moisturizer with adequate hydration, without making my skin more oily and for THIS reason- I started using TATCHA’s The Water Cream. The water cream delivered hydration without leaving my skin feeling sticky or greasy. The water cream’s time-tested and natural ingredients include: Japanese botanicals, Japanese wild rose (tightens pores and smooths the texture of the skin) and Japanese Leopard Lily (helps to control excess oil and clarify skin). Oh, and all of TATCHA’s products contain a patented ingredient, Hadasei-3 (an anti-aging magic trio of green tea, rice, and algae for a youthful radiance)!

TATCHA’s The Water Cream is my NEW Obsession and staple in my daily skincare routine. I have been using this product for about 12 weeks now, and I love how light and moisturizing it is. The cream comes with a cute little gold spatula, perfect for scooping the perfect amount of moisturizer out.


The weather was chilly in Arizona when I first started using TATCHA The Water Cream, and I wasn’t crazy about it. I felt that my skin was needing a heavier cream and for that reason, I would add a couple of drops of the Tata Harper Beautifying Oil and BOOM- that combo was heaven on my skin! Now that the weather is much warmer, I have really enjoyed this moisturizer. It is the perfect skin-quenching hydration my skin needs on a daily basis. It is perfectly moisturizing without it being too heavy, and I LOVE it! It is definitely going to be my go-to day moisturizer for the warm (and scorching hot) summer days ahead!


Oh, WAIT! One last thing-

Last but not least, I love Victoria Tsai’s philanthropic efforts! With each full skincare purchase, TATCHA funds a day of school in partnership with Room to Read’s Girls’ education program for girls in Asia and Africa.



  1. May 8, 2018 / 8:14 pm

    Very thorough background and review on this water cream product! I have it and my thoughts are pretty similar to yours, especially that for my dry skin, I need a little extra oil added.

    • Karla
      May 8, 2018 / 11:58 pm

      Thanks for reading! Now that it is hot in Arizona I have been enjoying it a lot more, and have not been needing to add the oil.

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