All of the wise women in my life have always agreed on one piece of solid advice, ALWAYS ALWAYS wear sunscreen, even if you are going to be indoors! I decided to listen to this one, yes mom, you are right.

Sunscreen is typically stressed and used in the summer, but it is a product that should be used year-round rain or shine. The harmful Ultra Violet rays are not blocked by clouds or hot or cold weather for that matter. This is why it is vital to make sun protection part of your daily routine. We all want healthy and radiant skin, that’s why it is so important to make sunscreen part of our daily life. Think of it as a shield that protects our skin from aging and various forms of skin cancer.

In the quest to find a good sunscreen I had a lot of bad experiences, with texture, fragrance, or that I would end up with a white face and it would not blend well. I tried many different brands from the expensive high-end beauty lines and I could just not find the one that was for me. Finally, after many wasted bottles and samples, I came about the Farmacy Green Clean sunscreen. It was like magic and I instantly fell in love with it.

What I love about it-
– It’s light
– Absorbs well
– Doesn’t leave a white layer on my skin
– Doesn’t smell like sunscreen
– Protects skin from blue light (smart phones, tablets, computers)


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