Collagen Protein Medically Explained: Does it Actually Work? 

Collagen Protein Medically Explained: Does it Actually Work? 

Have any of you beauty lovers ever wondered if drinking collagen protein actually works or if it’s just another fad that we’re spending money on which actually doesn’t do anything? Well you’ve come to the right place. With so much information and so many products it’s smart to do your research. Due to many speculations that we have read, Daily Concealer decided to team up with our good friend…

 Dr. Mia for a true medical explanation of the new fad. 

But first, Let’s highlight why collagen water is important to our beauty regimen:

Let’s start out by saying that collagen makes up 90% of our skin, put that into perspective beauty lovers. Therefore, that is why we see countless amount of beauty products always advertising this ingredient. It is also said that by our mid-twenties, the amount of collagen in our bodies begins to decrease, which may contribute to eventual sagging and wrinkling. Collagen repair is an important mechanism not only for our skin, but also hair, nails and joints. So, the question now lays, if we ingest more collagen will it actually make a difference to our skin, hair, nails, and joints? Here is our medical explanation from our go-to doctor, Dr. Mia:

 First, what is collagen?

Collagen is an abundant protein in the human body, and supports various tissues such as tendons, skin, and teeth. There are 26 different types of collagen molecules. Through both cellular fibroblast aging and defective mechanical stimulation, the reduced synthesis of Collagen Type 1 and Type 3 have been found to play a role in chronologically aged skin. In fact, Type 1 and Type 3 Collagen compose 90% of your skin, and is therefore often a target of many anti-aging beauty products.

 Does drinking collagen water actually work?

After investigating the effects of collagen hydrolysate ingestion, I found:

1. A small human study that found a significant improvement in skin elasticity after 8 weeks.

2. A mouse study that found an increase in collagen content in the blood and the skin.

3. More studies reporting improvement in joint pain in patients with arthritis, improved blood pressure and improved wound healing.

Is it worth it?

I decided that although more studies are definitely needed to evaluate the effects in further detail with a larger sample size, the benefits seem to outweigh the risk from the current data available-and I like the taste of it!

Hope you guys enjoyed learning a scientific explanation of collagen protein with us.

Our beauty lovers are not only beautiful, but smart!

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I also linked a collagen protein powder that both Dr. Mia and I mix into our water on a regular basis. It not only tastes good but is also light on the stomach, which has been the only problem we both have encountered when finding the right brand.



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