My Secret to Getting the AIRBRUSHED Foundation Look

My Secret to Getting the AIRBRUSHED Foundation Look

With so many brushes to choose from, deciding what the best foundation brush on the market is can be overwhelming.

I’ve tried it all, so many different brands, beauty blenders, normal sponges, my hands, and I can honestly say there is no better brush out there that will give an insanely flawless airbrushed look. 

I am talking about the Artis brushes that are now sold in Sephora. I bought mine a while ago at a makeup show, so I have the older one but my God, it is AMAZING. I will say I only like this brush specifically for foundation. I have tried it for other things because it comes in so many sizes, but I will stick to it for foundation only. It makes applying your foundation insanely easy and FAST.


First, I like to apply foundation directly onto my skin, then I go in with the brush and make a circular upward motion. The Artis brush will also help cut the time of your foundation application in half. The brush will not shed, and it’s worth every single penny. I didn’t purchase the big foundation brush they recommend, I use a smaller one so that I can do more strokes and get into any smaller places that I need to.


My Artis brush size is oval #6.

I 100% recommend this brush, it is an ABSOLUTE MUST for a seamless application. 





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