It is truly crazy and often overwhelming to think about all the many things that we consume, use or surround ourselves with that have the potential to wreak havoc on our health.
Constant information overload, trial and error, Google research, doctor recommendations, blog tips, friends/family advice, you name it…can quickly generate confusion and SO. MANY. UN-SOLVED QUESTIONS. From what we eat to what we slather on our skin day in and day out, I believe it’s all so very important to know about the truth and what we can do to better our beauty routines, health, environment and everything in between.
One change that I have been trying to make is switching from a conventional deodorant to a natural one. I have tried a couple over time, but it has been super challenging to find the “one” that really works for me.


Why should you consider switching to a natural deodorant?

Most deodorants contain aluminum which has been linked to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer.  Aluminum also contributes to heavy metal toxicity, which affects our health. Parabens are another ingredient that are endocrine/hormone disruptors, which is not good at all, to say the least!


Does the Agent Nateur Holi(stick) Deodorant really work?  

One natural deodorant that that has stirred up a lot of buzz is the Agent Nateur Holi(stick) Deodorant. Agent Nateur quotes, “Our philosophy is simple: Create chic and effective natural beauty products that are anti-aging with healthy, organic ingredients that you can EAT.” Naturally, given this statement and editorial praise and fan raves, I had to give it a try and see what the hype was all about!


What did I like about this “holy grail” Agent Nateur Holi(stick) Deodorant?

Well, I was super skeptical when I first started to using this deodorant. Long story short and to my surprise, it actually works! Agent Nateur Holi(stick) deodorant comes in a stick, like most deodorants and the texture is very creamy.

First, I applied it first thing in the morning and I was expecting to be stinky by midmorning but guess what?! It checked  every box and I didn’t sweat and I didn’t smell. Yay!


So, what happened after that?

The first couple of days I was completely enamored by this product, and I thought I had truly found the natural deodorant that I was bound and determined to use forever. Honestly, I thought my search was over and it was a great feeling.

So, I kept using it everyday and around day 6 or 7, I started to get really itchy in my underarm area. OUCH! I still continued to use it, in spite of my reaction, but a couple of days later it progressively got worse and I developed a pretty bad rash. To say the least- I was DEVASTATED! After doing research to find out why this was happening to me, I quickly discovered that my skin happened to be sensitive to the baking soda in the deodorant. Huge bummer!

QUICK TIP: Applying apple cider vinegar is recommended to be used with a moist towel before applying the deodorant to avoid developing the rash if you just so happen to have a baking soda allergy or skin sensitivity. It can also help heal the rash, as well!

What’s the verdict?

I waited for my skin to heal and applied the apple cider vinegar remedy religiously. Unfortunately, I am sad to report that this natural deodorant didn’t work for my sensitive underarms and is a no-go in my beauty book. However, if you are not sensitive to baking soda, this deodorant is definitely worth trying. It truly works, gets the job done and absolutely PERFECT if you are looking for a natural deodorant alternative! I am still on the hunt for the perfect natural deodorant for me and I am very hopeful that I will discover it soon(fingers crossed)- Stay tuned, beauty lovers!


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