How I Retouch My Sunscreen Without Messing Up My Makeup

How I Retouch My Sunscreen Without Messing Up My Makeup

We’ve all heard it before, sunscreen is the KEY to keeping wrinkles away. Well, sure, but how often are you reapplying sunscreen after you have given yourself a flawless full-face makeup look? I sure as hell know that I do not want to reapply sunscreen over my contoured face. But somehow, we are supposed to be applying sunscreen every 2-3 hours. Welp, this started to become a major problem for me living in AZ during the summer where it reaches a scorching 115 degrees over summer. I started to notice little sunspots on my left cheek, which is the side of my face that gets the highest exposure when I drive.  

 I did my research on nice SPARY sunscreens and it was a bit limited. I knew I didn’t want to apply the spray sunscreen that I put on my body on my face. LUCKILY, I found Coola makeup setting spray that has SPF 30!! Yep, a makeup setting spray formulated with aloe, cucumber, hyaluronic acid, and leaf steam cells. It also retouches my sunscreen throughout the day. Too good to be true? Sort of. I like it because of the sunscreen in it. The Coola makeup setting spray has quite a bit of alcohol in it, which could be a problem if you have a sensitive skin. This isn’t my first choice for a setting spray, but I like it because of the SPF 30 in a spray form idea. So, spray on beauty lovers and make sure to retouch your sunscreen the easiest way possible to avoid messing up your makeup and most importantly preventing sun damage!


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