Simple Ways I Keep My Hair Healthy

Simple Ways I Keep My Hair Healthy



Foods high in Omegas keep your hair nourished and healthy. Try eating foods such as salmon or avocado.



Biotin is an obvious vitamin most of us already know about but I also like B complex vitamins and any fish oil for healthy hair.


To Wash or Not to Wash?

 Some say natural oil is good for your hair. Yet, others believe you can wash your hair every day as long as you are using the right products. Over-washing can actually dry out your hair.

Get into a routine where you skip a day. Dry shampoo will be your new BFF. Plus, washing your hair every day is WAY too much work. Again, everyone is different, and I find that my hair is healthier when I wash it less often. But if you are washing every day, use a shampoo that is sulfate-free.


Alternate Shampoo 

I always alternate shampoos. After finishing a bottle, I ALWAYS try a different brand or at least a different formula. I find that my hair gets used to the ingredients and I get the best results from switching my products around.Lastly, I like to wash my hair with cold water because I find my hair looks smoother and shinier.


Give your Hair a Break 

Ladies, this is the golden rule for healthy hair, the less heat styling you put your hair through, the healthier your hair will be. So, try putting those blow-dryers, curlers, and straightening irons down. Find easy alternatives for a good hair-style that doesn’t require heat. I have straight hair and one of my go-to looks is putting my hair into two loose French braids at night when I have damp hair, then the next day I let my braids down and this gives me awesome wavy beach hair.  Also, before blow-drying your hair, wait at least until it is around 65 percent dry to style, the less heat exposure the better!!


Use Protectants 

Always use some type of heat protectant before using a blow-dryer. There are so many out there but right now I am using Bumble and Bumble’s Save the Day Daytime Protective Repair Fluid. I also like to use an oil that will give my hair nutrients. I am currently using OUAI Hair Oil, which not only gives me an intense shine and smells insanely delicious, but also seals my split-ends and protects my hair color.



Be a Regular 

Don’t be the girl with millions of split-ends that doesn’t want to cut her hair because it’ll look shorter. Get little trims and your hair will grow even faster. Living in Scottsdale, Arizona my go to hair-stylist is the best of the best, Lisa Fresa at Sachi Salon. In LA my go-to hair-stylist also, a stylist to many Hollywood A-List celeberties is Sue Seo.


Once a Week 

Take time out to do a hair mask, your hair will thank you. I really like making homemade hair masks. They are easily made with ingredients that you most likely already have in your kitchen such as olive oil, eggs, banana, honey, etc. We have a few recipes up on the blog, but I’ll make sure to post more. There are also so many hair masks that you can buy at Sephora. I’ll link my cheap go-sheet masks I like to use when I don’t make my own.




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