Fitting All My Beauty Products For Travel

Fitting All My Beauty Products For Travel

I can’t tell you how difficult it has been for me to fit all of my beauty products for travel! Being the overly-obsessed beauty lover that I am, I could take an entire suitcase just for my products. After all, good skin takes work, it doesn’t just happen. Unfortunately, for me I had to learn to be more practical when I travel overseas. Planning  what beauty products I am going to take on my trip, takes me almost as much time, as it does picking out which outfits I want to take. So, let me share with you some insight that I have learned along the way of smart beauty-packing, without having to sacrifice good skincare.

  • Save your cosmetic samples for travel, I literally have a drawer in my bathroom where I stock up on small travel size, or samples that I have received of my favorite products. Every time I go buy a bottle of my new facewash or moisturizer, I always ask for samples.
  • Avoid bulky eye palettes. Try and choose ONE that can do it all, as hard as that is if you’re a makeup junkie like me. Choose a palette where you can do a subtle eye look and just add lashes on for night. On my trip to Marrakesh I’ll be taking my Bronze Palette by Kylie Cosmetics.
  • Instead of a liquid makeup remover pack travel sized makeup wipes. I’ll be taking my favorite Korean Beauty wipes “ Rice Water Bright” wipes, and I’ll cut them in half to make them last longer
  • Grab a tester container of your favorite scent. Sephora is great at this, I take my day and night scent so that I don’t travel with my massive perfume bottle.
  • Find a lipstick that can be used both day and night. It’s okay to change your look up a bit
  • I also always travel with my European curler, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve blown out the power in my room for trying to use my American hair-tools! OPPS!
  • Get rid of the excess air out of your bottles- This will avoid your products exploding due to air pressure changes on the plane
  • Lastly, pack with care! My beauty products are always in the middle of my suitcase surrounded by clothes




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