Spooky Glam Charcoal Mask

Spooky Glam Charcoal Mask


What better way to detox your skin from all the pounds of Halloween makeup than with a charcoal mask? Because, being the beauty lovers that we are we will never pass up the opportunity for a good face mask, right?

I thought, what better way to treat yourself to a spooky glam then with Glam Glow’s famous glitter mask that has at one point or another, made its way into our IG feed. First of all, Glam Glow is known for its pricey products but most importantly does this glitter mask ACTUALLY work?! It was a bit hard for me to believe a product with glitter could help my skin and even worse would I break out? Let’s start by breaking it down- this mask promises to:

-lift for a youthful appearance
– targets firmness and elasticity
-licorice and marshmallow leaf for firming
– marine algae plasma extract to help tighten


Now, you might ask, so what does the glitter do? It’s just for entertainment, it does absolutely nothing. HA! The good news is that it won’t cause the glittery mess you’d expect it to, the mask dries and you can very easily peel it off. It’s a fun product to try with the girls but is it worth $59 for actual good skincare? My answer would be- no. It’s for pure amusement. Sure, my skin felt tighter but almost dry it was so tight. There are no amazing ingredients in this mask for your skin. If you do feed into this product like I did, make sure to throw the glitter in the trash not down the drain!




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