Orange-Infused DIY Lip Scrub

Orange-Infused DIY Lip Scrub

Due to our dry weather in Arizona, my lips have a tendency of getting dry and flaky year round!  I am a big fan of do it yourself beauty treatments: they are easy to make and you know exactly what ingredients are going into your product.  A lip scrub is one that is super easy to make to keep your pout smooth!  I like applying this treatment to my lips at least 3 times a week to keep my lips super soft and smooth.  Since I am such a huge fan of lipstick, I need to be extra diligent about my lips being smooth in order for lipstick to go on nicely.


I like to mix coconut oil, brown sugar (I like to use brown sugar because the granules are much thicker making it better for exfoliation)  and orange oil for a sweet little treat.


In a bowl mix 3 parts brown sugar, 1 part coconut oil, and a couple drops of the orange oil.  In reality you can mix in any oil of your liking (I personally like the smell and taste of oranges). Mix thoroughly.  Place a in a jar with a lid and use it when needed.  I like to apply this mix with my fingers on dry lips with circular motions and remove with a damp wash cloth.  This delicious scrub can be applied to your body as well!



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