Taking a Makeup Course with Lilit Caradanian

Taking a Makeup Course with Lilit Caradanian


 I want to share with you guys my experience of being trained by the ONE and ONLY Lilit Caradanian. I decided to pack my bags and head to Sherman Oaks, CA and get trained by Lilit Caradanian, not only because she is at the top of her game in the beauty industry, but also because she is truly an inspiration and a true #GirlBoss


For those of you who might be wondering who she is, Lilit is a professional makeup artist, owner of Lilit’s Makeup Studio, creator of Elcie Cosmetics, Youtuber, and a mom. She is a living proof that a girl can do it all. The class included insane amounts of makeup and a certification of completion, plus social media tips and confidence to go out and start putting yourself out there as a makeup artist.


Her makeup studio  tends to offer classes monthly, but it’s actually rare that Lilit would actually teach a class, so I knew I had to jump on the opportunity. Let me start by saying the class description claims that you don’t need much makeup experience, but I beg to differ, some of the looks were quite challenging.


Ten girls from  different parts of the country and from all over the world i.e. Honduras, Ecuador, etc. meet from 10 am to 5 pm in her amazing studio where there is a classroom designed just for classes. Each makeup station was filled with makeup, brushes, lashes, and even some of her products! Every day we focused on a different look where she would demonstrate on a model, then we would have to recreate on each other and she would CLOSELY oversee our work. It was an amazing experience because we got to work on different eye shapes, skin types, and ethnicities.


I will say that Lilit is the most AMAZING hands-on teacher and she ACTUALLY really cared about us learning techniques and giving us the tools to succeed, she even went a step ahead and dedicated time to teach us about social media tips and tricks, considering she has 1.1 million followers. She taught us the most simple basic looks, smoky eyes, putting lashes on, doing cut crease ect. Also, some of us are good on doing makeup on ourselves but it’s a whole different game when it comes to working on other people. A few of her products have def become a few of my everyday staples including her beauty blender, foundation, and minimalist palette! 



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