New Year’s Eve Eyeshadow Glitter Guide- How to not overkill it.

New Year’s Eve Eyeshadow Glitter Guide- How to not overkill it.

It is so easy to get extremely carried away when it comes to glitter, and hard to make it work. Either because it’s so messy or it’s just not a product we use every day. But of course, for New Year’s Eve, we need to do a little something extra, right?! And a little glitter never hurt anybody, that’s, if it’s done right. Here is my Glitter 101 for beginners:


  • Use a paint pot or some type of eyeshadow primer that will hold down the shimmer. Glitter needs somethings to stick to. Do not apply without the eyeshadow primer, it will definitely run and not look good shortly into your night. 

  • Begin your shadow from your brow bone to define your crease and leave your base for the end 

  • I really only like to see glitter on the lid not so much anywhere above the crease or on the brow bone

  • Apply with moderation, this is not a product to pack on. Easy does it  

  • Glitter goes on LAST once your eyeshadow look is finished 

If this scares you there are alternatives:

– Glitter on the bottom of your water line is really pretty. I like is Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner 

-Glitter on the tear duct again use a primer to hold it in place. 

-Or just try using a paint pot that has glitter, the one I really like is the Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot, which has such great colors. 





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  1. January 2, 2019 / 12:09 am

    I was obsessing over this glitter pot on your Instagram. This glitter reminds me of the little pots that Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics used to sell! This is the Tarte one, right? It’s so pretty!

    Good tips!
    Happy New Year!


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