How to Cure your Dry Skin this Winter High End Vs. Dupe

How to Cure your Dry Skin this Winter High End Vs. Dupe

Has this winter left your skin with wintertimes blues? I have rounded down my favorite moisturizers everything from high end oils to dupe’s that can transform even the most dry, dull, and flakey skin. 


I’ll start with the expensive body oils.


Noni Glow Body Oil by Kora– 

Made by Mirana Kerr, so we all know this must be like liquid gold, she’s always glowing. This product is also an allure winner.


L’occitane Almond Oil–  

 Perfect for repairing your dry winter skin. It’s not too greasy and it smells delicious. I feel like I can see a difference after using it for the first time.


Tata Harper– 

 All-round amazing brand, it’s no surprise they have come up with an expensive organic body oil that does wonders. Madeessential vitamins that help relive super dry skin.



An anti-aging oil. This glamour award winner is a lightweight formula that will get your skin hydrated, tightened, and glowing in no time. Made from ingredients such as sandalwood and rose, this will hydrate the driest of skins!!



Now for those of us who do not want to spend $60+ on body oils, here are the DUPES!!


***Simply mix into your body lotion… Small beauty tip, stay away from highly scented lotions, those are usually pretty drying. ***


Coconut Oil– 

Literally just a bottle from trader joe’s, mix this baby into your lotion. Coconut oil is an all-natural anti-aging moisturizer. It’s an excellent moisturizer that smells amazing mixed into any lotion. 


Vitamin E– 

 I’m talking for the body, again mix drops of it into your lotion, it helps moisturize even the driest of skins. It’s said to even help ease eczema.


Almond Oil-

 Amazing as well, helps to plump and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The fatty acids help your skin retain moisture. Again, I just mix it into my lotion.



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