Better Than Sex Eyeliner by Too Faced

Better Than Sex Eyeliner by Too Faced


Cult favorite mascara, Better Than Sex by Too Faced, has released a Better Than Sex eyeliner. As a loyal consumer of Better Than Sex mascara, I could have not been more excited to try this liquid eyeliner out. I would consider myself an eyeliner guru since I have religiously been applying a dark line to my upper eyelids since I was a teen. Eyeliner just makes me feel prettier instantly, it sounds weird, but who’s with me? Anyways, by now eyeliner-wise I am very picky, and expectations always lead to some type of letdown, but Too Faced set the bar very high with Better Than Sex Mascara and also with Born This Way Foundation. I am currently using the Marc Jacob’s Marc’er Precision Pen which, as expensive as it is, is worth every penny, so it’s going to take a lot for me to make the switch.


Let’s get down toToo Faced Better Than Sex Eyeliner claims:

 – 24 hour non-fading long wear

 – Waterproof (non-smudging).

– Easy glide formula (perfect line every time).

– Intense pigment ( deepest black).


24 hour non-fading long wear/ waterproof definitely did not apply to me. Not that this eyeliner was all over my lid but on the inside corners of my eyes it smudged, and I also did the hand test where I applied the liner on my hand, let it dry then touched it and it was pretty easily smudged.


Easy glide formula… absolutely, this pen glides easier than most and can help to get a very thin and precise line, especially if you are into that super thin eyeliner look. Personally, such a thin line makes it harder to make the line look perfect because there’s very little room for mistakes.


Intense pigment… sure, it’s dark, but compared to Marc Jacob’s Marc’er Precision Pen and Benefit’s Roller eyeliner, it’s the least dark.


Overall, I think this eyeliner is just okay and not close to as good as what I imagined Too Faced would have made to complement one of the best-selling mascaras.




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